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Change of Languages….Hallo Liebe Welt

I have rethought my doings on this blog and came to the conclusion that it would be a shame to waste my well trained German skills only to sharpen my English skills. This in mind, I will, from now on, put all my posts primarily in German on the blog. Translations will be done but not on every Post.

How did I come to this? My boss seems to hate my German, as I was young I red veeery much, old books, fantasy books even books about economy. This gave me a huge vocabulary all filled with words not commonly used anymore in German. Last week I wrote a little e-mail to all my colleagues in the company about … not interesting… he red it and pointed out 3-4 Words I had to explain to him, they weren’t false, they were just not commonly used. I had to remove them, this is in my view so wrong that I decided to write more in German.

Hope you understand this!


Ich habe meine bisherigen Überlegungen betreffend dieses Blogs nochmal genau durchgedacht und kam zum Resultat, dass ich meine gut trainierten Deutschkenntnisse nicht für verbessertes Englisch opfern will. Das heisst: Ich werde von nun an alles in Deutsch und maximal zweisprachig posten.

Wie kam dieser Gesinnungswandel? Nun ja, mein Chef scheint mein Deutsch zu hassen. Während dem ich aufwuchs, habe ich Tonnen von Büchern gelesen seien es irgendwelchen alten Bücher (teilweise noch in gotischer Schrift), Fantasy Bücher und sogar Bücher über Wirtschaft. Dieses ganze leserei resultiert in einem sehenswerten Vokabular mit einigen nicht mehr oft benutzten Wörtern. Letzte Woche habe ich ein kleines Mail an meine Kollegen in der Firma zusammengestellt Thema … nicht interessant… er hats gelesen musste sich 3-4 Wörter erklären lassen. Ich musste die Wörter rausnehmen, nicht weil sie falsch waren sondern weil evtl. ein zwei Benutzer das Wort googeln mussten. Ich habe die Wörter rausnehmen müssen, dies war in meinen Augen so falsch, dass ich nun meinen Blog auf Deutsch weiterführe.

Ich denke Mal die deutschsprechenden muss ich nicht um Verständnis bitten.

Obituary on a Mystery

Some months ago I met up with a little beauty. Since then I am a bit stunned by it! It was extraordinary to touch and its speed was in my opinion unparalleled. I am still stunned by its beauty and a perfect fulfillment of my dreams. I ultimately fell in love with it and it teared my heart apart as I had to “lend” it to others. Now that it was with a colleague, some student in Chile happened to think the same about it and took my big love from him.

You are probably thinking “what the hell is he talking about?”, now, I have been in love with a Notebook. Not any notebook, the spearhead of ASUS last year. The UX31A a unbelievably great carried out copy of the MacBook Air, they took the MacBook Air and made it better, faster and prettier. Lets talk specifics:

  • 11.6 Inch Screen
  • 1920×1080 Pixels Resolution
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256 GB Solidstate Disk
  • Intel Core i7 3517U Processor
  • Aluminium unibody

What was so great about it? The looks were breathtaking, start up speed was incredible fast, once started up you never got to see that the i7 Processor was just an ultra low voltage CPU and the additional Nvidia Graphics Card covers any weaknesses that probably could be thrown at the device. Some of you may say “Yeah, incredible fast startup, you seem to have met your first SSD device”, I answer you to that: As a Client System Engineer of an international Company I have seen quite a big bunch of devices and also many SSD devices. ASUS somehow managed to build an Ultrabook that boots faster, I remember that it was from 0 to logged in, in less than 12 Seconds. All in all this device is still my favorite and I yet haven’t met another device to get me in such an affection.

So why is it a mystery to me? It is a mystery because they don’t sell it anymore! And it was the first of its kind, why haven’t they built it before? Why aren’t they building it anymore? Okay it didn’t seem to sell good but at some point someone beside me would have realized this was one of the greatest Notebooks ever built.

I just hope this Chilean student, has his fun with the beauty! Farewell…. pretty one…


Best Picture I (or maybe my Girlfriend, we are not sure who was the one holding the Camera at the Moment) ever took. Unbelievable beauty!


Living in Switzerland is just a pleasure, okay some people seem to be a bit annoying but the nature is just incredible. Today I went home after work, got rid of my clothes and jumped into my motorcycle armament and mounted my sometime to be father in laws Suzuki Bandit 650. Since I have only […]

Recipe: Chicken Strips

Ich kann mich eines überragenden Hähnchen-Geschnetzeltes rühmen. Ich würde euch gerne damit beglücken.

Dies sind die Zutaten:

  • 300g Geschnetzeltes Hühnchen
  • 0.5dl Roter Wein
  • 0.5dl Soya Sauce
  • Etwas Senf
  • 2 Suppenlöffel Honig
  • viel Knoblauchpulver

Nun zur Zubereitung:
Alle Zutaten zusammenmischen gut durchrühren (am besten mit der Hand) und für mindestens eine Stunde “einziehen” lassen. Anschliessend das Gemisch in die Bratpfanne geben. Zuerst das Fleisch von allen Seiten anbraten und die Pfanne dann für 1-2 Minuten mit einem Deckel verschliessen. Nach den 1-2 Minuten den Deckel wieder anheben und das Fleisch nochmal anständig anbraten. Das ganze passt gut zu einem Fitnessteller oder sonstigen säuerlichen beilagen. Der Honig sollte zu einer Caramellisierten Oberfläche führen.


I have a mean Recipe for excellent Chicken Stripes. I’d like to share it.

Those are the Ingredients:

  • 300g Chicken Strips
  • 0.5dl Red Wine
  • 0.5 dl Soy Sauce
  • Some Mustard
  • 2 soups poons of Honey
  • Lots of Garlic-Powder

Now to the preparation
First put all the ingredients in one bowl, mix all the ingredients by hand (yes by hand) together. (I would advise you to use only one hand, the honey can be very sticky) Let the ingredients soak in at least an hour. After you let it soak in, get a frying pan on high heat and roast the marinade in to the Chicken Stripes. After roasting it, turn down the heat, but a cover over the pan to cook the Chicken Stripes trough and trough. CAREFULL, cooking them to long will make the Chicken Stripes dry but cooking them not long enough will keep em raw and might have a bad influence on your guests.

The goal of the frying is to caramelize the Honey into the chicken strips together with the soy sauce, it should give the strips a sweet yet salty taste while the sweetness should be a bit into the direction of caramel.

I propose to mix the strips with some rocked salad with a balsamic based dressing as a, how we call it in Switzerland, fitness plate. The strips should even out the sweetness – sourness balance of the whole meal.
In the posted pictures I made fried potatoes as an addition.

ChickenStrips CookingChicken

My Car is Broke

After 24 years of letting my relatives drive me trough the world I decided to finally get my drivers license. After I got it, I realized that I love driving cars! I even got a used Car (together with my Girlfriend) 2 Weeks before my Drivers License Test and am since then madly in love with my 2002 Ford Focus ST170! After a Journey to an alp where I managed to bump into some stones while driving with 20km/h the catalyst had been damaged and since then the Engine Light keeps switching on over and over again. Luckily I have bought an OBD2 to Bluetooth Adapter some days before the engine light switched on the first time. Using the Adapter and a Android App named “Tourque Pro” I am since then able to delete the faults in my cars ECU. This is working very good but I allready know that I have to get my car to a routine Inspection to my local authorities and they will ground my car for good if I dont fix this.

Problem is, a new catalyst costs me over 1900 Swiss Francs and I am not willing to pay so much for a Car we bought for 4500 Swiss Francs and which has acutally over 209’000Km on his counter.
Result is: I have to get a new car.

Question is… is it going to be a new car or am I going to buy another used Car…..

Hello WWW


After years of not using/creating a Blog I decided to finally make the step. I am a little wheel in a mid sized (at least for Switzerland) Company’s IT-Department. In this Blog I’ll be writing about different stuff e.g. IT, Cats, Cars, Decisions, Music but most of the time I’ll be writing about everything combined! While writing this Blog I will look out to not tell everybody who I am, those who know me will however find it very easy to find out who I am…

Have fun with my further posts! 🙂